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Olivia Condie

PPC & Paid Social

If Paid Search was a magical kingdom, Olivia would be a sassy magician, rejuvenating stale campaigns, concocting new formulas for experimentation, and caring for the foliage in the downlands (AKA her humble office plants).

Olivia is most motivated by learning and trailing, a perhaps fitting attribute for a woman with a master’s in social psychology. If there is something to be known, she’ll seek to know it. In relation to PPC this translates as peppering accounts with experiments, digging for deeper analysis, and putting new PPC-related products and features into practice for improved ad performance.

Outside of her magic duties, she partakes in watching niche and peculiar documentaries, (not) scoring goals in football, listening to indie hip hop, chasing squirrels in the park and sipping on some premium vanilla coke

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