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Swift Office Cleaning Services

+197% increase in organic traffic, 675% increase in leads, 325% increase in revenue year-on-year.

+197% increase in organic traffic.

675% increase in website leads.

325% increase in revenue.


Digital marketing transformation – scaling from zero web presence to the top of Organic Search.

Swift Cleaning is a London based company who specialise in office cleaning supplies and services through London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We first started working with Swift in 2013, prior to our partnership, Swift had never generated a new business enquiry through their website or digital presence.   

In the digital age, the website is the shop window for most businesses, and a key method of generating new business enquiries. This is exactly where Swift were struggling as a business, and needed transformation in their digital marketing efforts to continue to scale the business.

Seed have been a superb addition to our company. They quickly understood our business and our customers, and identified an opportunity to use digital to transform our new business generation. The results have been incredible, they’re a great bunch to work with, and I trust them completely!

John Williams

Director, Swift Office Cleaning Services

As always, we love a challenge!

After our initial 12-months of working with Swift, we’d smashed the sales targets from previous years, so we felt the time was right to redesign the website to have a better chance of generating more new business, and compete for the coveted top positions in Google.

We designed and developed a new website with Swift from the ground up, baking best practice SEO and a keyword-focused URL structure into its foundations.

With a new website, finely tuned and built to rank in search engines and convert more users, we were able to generate an additional +675% more leads for the business.

The Results

Since 2013, we’ve helped Swift reach the top of Google for the most competitive keywords in the industry, helping to increase organic traffic by +227% while increasing website conversions by +675%.

This has had a profound impact on how the business views marketing with less spend on traditional means that were difficult to track ROI, and a lot more focus on digital. The support we’ve provided Swift over the years has generated an additional +325% increase in revenue.

We’ve enjoyed achieving fantastic results for Swift, and each year we challenge ourselves to better our results and performance from the previous year. While an ambitious target, we enjoy the challenge and working closely with their new business team to get more from their marketing budget each year.

We look forward to what the next year brings!

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