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Harry Hall

+1,064 increase in revenue generated by SEO, +726% increase in website transactions from PPC, and a +527% increase in overall website revenue.

+1,064 increase in Organic Search revenue.

+726% increase in PPC transactions.

+527% increase overall website revenue.


Delivering transformative digital growth in a highly competitive marketplace.

Established in the 1870’s, Harry hall is an industry leading online department store, known for the best loved and well known equestrian brands and country wear.

Harry Hall was at a crossroads when we started working together, having just suffered a big Google penalty after a somewhat botched Magento website migration, where SEO was not prioritised and poorly managed.

After experiencing a drop of 60% in SEO traffic, we were asked to step-in to identify and fix the SEO issues caused by the migration to get both traffic and revenue back to a comfortable level.

Our team at Seed have simply been fantastic to work with. They were quick to understand the brand, our niche, and our customers. And even quicker to start driving the results we needed. We’ve loved working with them and look forward to many more years to come!

Camilla Nightingale

Head of Marketing, Harry Hall

Recovering from a Google Penalty and increasing SEO revenue by +1,064 within 6-months.

Initially we tackled Organic Search as that’s where the majority of the loss in traffic and revenue had occurred due to the botched migration.

Our focus had to be on the must-haves, due to budget restrictions, a lack of time, and pressure from losing market position. So, we streamlined our usual SEO approach to prioritise where we knew we’d get the quickest results.

  • Technical SEO Audit to identify and fix migration errors.
  • Complete revamp of website’s eCommerce structure.
  • Keyword mapping to improve website indexing.
  • Content strategy to develop and target long tail keywords.
  • Integrated PR with link building to build Domain Authority.

This project was a huge challenge for us, but within 6-months we had not only recovered from the Google Penalty and reclaimed lost keyword rankings, but started to see an up-turn in both traffic and revenue generated from Organic Search.

Restructuring Google Ads to drive down cost per conversion and increasing transactions by +726%

After working closely with their marketing team to improve SEO performance, we decided to completely restructure their Google Ads account to create a more holistic overall digital strategy.

We then had a clearer vision of where we wanted to take their Google Ads account, understanding the huge opportunity with Google Shopping that would provide a more visual ad to users to drive clicks and increase revenue.

To support Google Shopping, we then rolled out a highly targeted Single Keyword Ad Groups approach for Search Ads, primarily focusing on product categories.

This two-fold approach to Paid Search, paired with the improvements we’d made to their SEO, enabled us to increase engagement, lower cost per conversion and increased return on ad spend.

The Results

We’re hugely proud of the fantastic results we’ve achieved with Harry Hall, but more-so with the step forwards we’ve supported the business take with digital transformation of the marketing efforts.

  • +527% increase in website revenue.
  • +1,064% increase in SEO revenue.
  • +239% increase in website sessions.
  • +441% increase in organic traffic.
  • +310% increase in PPC traffic.
  • +171% increase in new visitors.
  • +53% increase in conversion rate.
  • +720% increase in PPC transactions.

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