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Ski Famille

Increased new users to the website by 144% from Organic Search, family ski holiday bookings up by 47% vs. previous year.

144% increase in new users from SEO.

47% increase in YoY ski holiday bookings.

Reduced CPA by 1,540% to £8.47 per enquiry.


Dominating the 1st page with a single keyword focus in a highly competitive marketplace.

As a family ski holiday specialist for over 25 years, Ski Famille asked us to ramp up their rankings for some of the most competitive keywords in the industry.

Our SEO strategy for Ski Famille was to create new landing pages that targeted longer tail but highly relevant keyword queries, to regularly add fresh, high quality content to the website, engage more visitors on the website and build powerful backlinks.

PPC on the other hand was a real challenge. With tight budgets and CPCs upwards of £17 per click during peak season, we had to achieve an ROI that made sense to continue investing in this highly competitive channel.

We have found Seed easy to work with, imaginative and creative. Within a few months of working together the team had significantly strengthened our Google rankings. They quickly grasped the needs of our business, got to know our customers and have since continued to provide fantastic SEO and PPC results year-on-year.

Chris Thompson

Managing Director

Driving ski holiday bookings through increased SEO visibility and dominating the first page of Google.

Ski Famille’s ‘main keyword’ was “Family Ski Holidays“, which was the keyword which pretty much every single ski holiday company in the world goes for. While competitive, we set ourselves a goal to improve its organic ranking from  the bottom of page 2 when we started working with them to the top 3 positions on page 1.

We achieved this within the first 3-months of working together, and within 6-months we had achieved the coveted first position ranking for this hugely important keyword.

From there our SEO strategy pivoted slightly as we used a new content strategy to optimise the website for new keywords which they weren’t already ranking for. We put ourselves in the ski boots of Ski Famille’s audience, asking ourselves, “What else would I search for if I was looking for a family ski holiday?”

Driving cost per booking down by 1,540%, reducing cost per lead to £8.47.

Historically, Google Ads had been dabbled with and managed internally by Ski Famille, and no real investment was made into the channel due to the high competition and the slim margin of error.

However, after our fantastic SEO results, we were asked to give their Google Ads account a once-over to review opportunities for more growth. Upon reviewing the account, we decided to give it and their PPC strategy a complete overhaul.

We knew Paid Search was a channel that could seriously work for them. After implementing phone call and onsite conversion tracking (previously unavailable), we were able to ensure we were targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right ads.

Our approach to PPC resulted in a reduction of their cost per booking of 1,540%, simultaneously reducing their cost per enquiry down to £8.47.

The Results

Within 12-months of working with Ski Famille, we had not only achieved the initial targets that were agreed, but completely transformed the brand’s approach to generating bookings through digital marketing.

  • 144% increase in sessions from organic traffic.
  • 47% increase in ski holiday bookings.
  • 1,540% reduction in cost per booking.
  • £8.47 cost per acquisition (enquiry) for PPC.

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