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Fleetway Travel

Reached an audience of 4.1 million and generated 751% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

751% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

88% of PPC clicks were new visitors.

Increased Click-Through Rate by 135%


The Challenge

Generating 751% ROAS while reaching an audience of 4.1 Million travellers

Fleetway Travel are a multi-award winning travel company specialising in sourcing bespoke holidays at competitive prices. They wanted us to promote their latest holiday deals to their target audience of travel-hungry holiday makers in the UK via Google Ads with a target ROAS of at least 300% each month.

After the initial research stage was completed, we did a ‘deep dive’ into their Google Ads account to see how it was currently structured, what campaigns were running and their targeting methods. From this we were then able to make informed decisions based on improvements we could look with an aim at hitting (and exceeding!) their 300% ROAS target.

Working with Seed has been an absolute pleasure. They took the time to understand our business and it felt like they were an extension of our own marketing department. They consistently deliver great results and ROI thanks to their dedication. Their passion for digital marketing is evident.I would highly recommend working with this incredibly passionate and knowledgable team!

Tania Ross

Marketing Manager, Fleetway Travel

We knew our approach would maximise ad spend while attract the right visitors at the right stage of their purchasing journey.

To get started, we completely restructured their Google Ads account, replacing their existing broad campaigns with our own highly targeted, well-researched and optimised campaigns.

From there we used a highly-targeted approach with daily campaign management. PPC wins in the travel industry are notoriously difficult because of the nature of how people search online – everyone’s out for a deal, travel agencies work on reputation and customers tend to stick with what they know.

So, converting new visitors on their first-click / first visit was our ultimate challenge, and one that we took on with gusto!

The Results

Once we had set up onsite tracking, phone call tracking and sales attribution we were already miles ahead of what their previous agencies had achieved.

For the first time the team at Fleetway were able to understand where their ad spend was going, and what it was generating the business in return on ad spend.

  • Campaigns reached an audience of 4.1 million within 3-months.
  • 1,232% higher ROI achieved within 1st month, 751% average ROI in 6-months (smashing the original target of 300%).
  • 135% higher average click through rate than the industry average
  • 88% of users hadn’t visited the Fleetway Travel site before clicking our ads.

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