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School of Wok

+225% increase in organic monthly sessions, +248% increase in organic monthly users & +27% increase in organic monthly revenue.

+29% Increase in SEO Revenue.

+225% Increase in SEO Users.

“What is Bao” Position 1 & Featured Snippet Gained.


How we took a London cookery school to the top of Google using a content focussed strategy!

School of Wok is a London based cookery school that is founded by Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch regular chef, Jeremy Pang. 

We first started working with School of Wok in April 2019 and they approached us with the challenge of increasing revenue for their top products and corporate classes using SEO. Our challenge was to find the strategy in order to achieve this goal.

From working with Seed, we have seen our recipe exposure shoot through the roof on organic listings and it has been amazing! They are always coming to us with brand new, fresh ideas to try, which we love. We have both PPC and SEO services with Seed and love how both team bounce ideas off each other, using a holistic marketing approach. They are wokstars!

Neville Leaning

Founder & Director at School of Wok

A holistic SEO strategy that complements each other is key. 

We developed a strategy for School of Wok that incorporated all of the SEO approaches to increase the monthly revenue.

This included SEO work conducted in four key areas; research (keyword, audience and competitor research), technical SEO, content strategy and structured data markup (recipe and events schema).

Technical SEO at the core.

First, we carried out a full technical audit to uncover any issues that needed to be fixed, that could potentially be detrimental to our ongoing SEO work. This included broken links, metadata analysis, indexing issues and more!

We ensure that this task is ongoing throughout a client’s retainer time to ensure that we catch any issues and fix them before they become detrimental to any SEO work we are doing.

Content to drive results & support SEO.

Next, we built a comprehensive content strategy using our keyword research which identified gaps that we could target in order to rank organically for relevant search terms through blogs and articles.

This work is fundamental in order to help grow School of Wok’s brand awareness through organic search. By covering a host of related topics we are able to reach consumers with relevant interest across a multitude of subjects.

SEO & content go hand in hand together therefore a solid content strategy to support our SEO work was imperative for this client. The content plan helped us to produce content that boosted School of Wok’s keyword rankings, and also provide rich informative content for the users.

A personal  favourite of ours was “what is bao”, a piece that we did on the Bao bun – a top selling product for School of Wok. This long tail keyword had a search volume of 210 and in no time climbed to position 1 in Google and gained the featured snippet!

Recipe Schema for the final touch.

This is something that our team really got stuck into and enjoyed over multiple cups of coffee! School of Wok have a huge range of recipes on their website, and the search volume for long tail keyword such as “how to make” or “recipes for..” are huge – therefore we saw this as a great opportunity to use real time data to inform our content plans and boost traffic to the website.  

Implementing recipe schema for School of Wok was both challenging and rewarding. We were able to discover ways to dynamically input code to help Google understand the recipe structured data types. From ingredients to instructions, from calories to cooking times, we’ve now marked up over 220 recipes on the School of Website. 

The Results.

Since our work with School of Wok began in April 2019 we have seen rapid growth in their overall organic search visibility. In just one year both their daily clicks and impressions have risen by over 350%, leading to a surge in organic rankings for relevant keywords that we set out as initial targets from the onset.

As a result of the above, we have seen strong year-on-year increases in organic sessions and the number of users accessing the School of Wok website – both improving by over 200%! In turn this has also led to consistent revenue growth year-on-year of around 25%-30% on their online shop and around a 35% increase in the number of enquiries for corporate events.

In generating and capturing interest around School of Wok’s innovative bao bun kit and hampers range, we were able to target terms like “What is bao” as a related blog. This post has since had over half a million impressions and over 8000 clicks in just the first year, allowing users to find out more about bao buns and School of Wok’s fantastic range.

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