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Petributes UK

+210% increase in revenue for organic traffic,  featured snippets gained & 56 keywords in the top 10, from 20 previously.

+ 210% increase in revenue for organic traffic.

+ 56 keywords in the top 10, from 20 previously.

+ Featured snippets gained and traffic increased. 


How we increased brand awareness, increased revenue and boosted keyword rankings.

Petributes is an e-commerce website that sells pet keepsakes and pet urns sensitively to give pet owners a place to remember their furry loved ones. In addition to this, they also act as an ‘agony aunt’ to help pet owners with bereavement and give advice on all things pets!

We started working with Petributes in February 2019. We were given the task of increasing keyword positions and increasing revenue for the business. 

We have a friendly, collaborative, and productive relationship with Seed that feels more like an extension of our own team than working with another company. They have taken pains to learn and adapt to what works for our slightly unusual business and created SEO and PPC campaigns that have increased our brand profile, traffic, and sales.

Susan Macmillian

Marketing & Operations Director

Using a content focussed strategy, we achieved our KPIs & goals set by Petributes. 

We developed a strategy for Petributes  that incorporated all of the SEO approaches to drive traffic to the website and increase monthly revenue for the business. We built a strategy that combined SEO, content and menu restructure UX work.

As the product that Petributes was selling was such a sensitive topic, it was even more important that the team at Seed understood the brand’s tone of voice and values before we started. 

To do this, we spoke to the Petributes team on multiple occasions to get a better understanding of how they wanted to communicate with their audience and the tone of voice they wanted to use. 

We also went and visited Petributes at their offices and workshops to gain a better understanding of how the products worked, how they were made and any other information that would help us to market them appropriately.

The Technical SEO Audit was the first step to understanding how we would increase revenue for Petributes.

First, we carried out a full technical audit to uncover any issues that needed to be fixed, that could potentially be detrimental to our ongoing SEO work.

This included broken links, metadata analysis, indexing issues and more! We ensure that this task is ongoing throughout a client’s retainer time to ensure that we catch any issues and fix them before they become detrimental to any SEO work we are doing.

Content formed the basis of our strategy to drive sales.

Content formed a big chunk of the work we did for Petributes. We split content into blogs, FAQs and extended category content. For each of these areas we put together content plans covering the next 6- months.


The blogs were written with a keyword focus to provide an ‘agony aunt model’ for people searching about pet related issues to help drive relevant traffic to the website.

These articles would be more lighthearted and fun, however also be a way to increase brand awareness for Petributes. 


We redesigned the FAQ page so that it was split into different categories (e.g pet cremation, pet burial etc). This way we could target specific keywords based on each category. 

For example: 

“How much does it cost to cremate a dog?” would be in category “pet cremation”. 

In splitting down the categories more specifically the ranking possibility is increased. From here we then wrote FAQs based on search volumes for each category. This acts as a help support desk for the website, and something that we will continue to add into! 

Category Content 

In order to boost main primary keywords such as ‘pet urns’ ‘dog urns and ‘cat urns’ we wanted to add in informative, keyword focused content at the bottom of each page. Adding content at the bottom ensured it didn’t interrupt the user experience of the buying process and also provided rich content for the user on the products. 

Improving user experience & indexing by revamping the menu structure.

Structuring a website is both about delivering a good user experience and improve Google’s indexing of keywords.

Having a clear site structure leads to better understanding of your site by Google, therefore it is a key factor for your SEO. With this in mind, we restructured the Petributes menu structure, to include all keywords that we were targeting so that we can build landing pages of products that had high search volumes. This then gave us the scope to add in more product specific content for each page. 

Not only is this good for SEO best practices, it is good for user experience which can lead to lower bounce rates, thus higher conversion rates! 

This piece on menu restructure work was an in-depth research piece. Initially we had to uncover search volumes for specific products, and then marry this with top selling products at Petributes. This combination helped us to decide which specific pet urns would be focussed in on the menu structure. In doing this work, we worked closely with the team at Petributes and learnt a lot about their products – in a short amount of time!

The Results.

Content, SEO and user experience work all formed a holistic approach that we saw brought great SEO results for Petributes. 

We have seen some really good keyword increases from Petributes. When we first took on the account, they were ranking for 6 keywords at position 1, now in April 2020 they rank for 27 keywords at position 1 (3 of these are featured snippets for their top products).

In addition to the keyword growth, Petributes have seen a positive increase across the board in users, new users and sessions which has positively affected their onsite revenue. Their revenue has increased by 210% for organic traffic. 

Good Keyword Increases: 

Dog urns: was position 18, now position 1 (search volume 880) 

Dog caskets: was position 17, now position 1 (search volume 260) 

Pet memorial tags: was position 26, now position 1 (search volume 50) 

Pet urns: was position 8, now position 2 (search volume 880)

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