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About Seed 


Welcome to Seed!

We are a passionate, fast-growing and diverse team of digital experts. 

Our desire is to innovate, educate and help to grow businesses of all sizes, in all sectors.

I love work at Seed because it is full of likeminded digitally enthused people. Seed's dynamic and innovative culture helps us all to continuously grow and learn from each other.


CP & Senior SEO Manager

Our Team

A good work ethic starts with a good friendship – and at Seed, this is paramount. Culture is the most important factor that keeps us hungry, motivated and drives the innovation which is key to digital growth.

We’re a young, energetic team which has grown up living the digital age, seeing the benefits of a strong digital presence, whilst understanding the logistical processes businesses have in place. 

Learning & Development

Continuous learning and development is pivotal at Seed, and something that is encouraged throughout the team. As a digital agency we thrive in collaborative sessions – helping each other through tricker tasks and learning from them. 

Half a day each week is dedicated to growing our skill set as an agency, with ‘Learning Fridays’. Whether people decide to collaborate on a project, learn individually or a combination we have seen some great outputs that help to drive the agency forward.

Technology & Innovation

Our objective is to grow brands with smarter, data-driven digital marketing.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to work smarter with innovative techniques, to provide the best for our clients. With an array of real-time data at our fingertips we take advantage to formulate tactics to inform our strategies.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. How can we work more efficiently? How can we improve the service we offer? These are the questions that we challenge ourselves to ask on a daily basis to help our clients gain a competitive advantage in their field.