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World of Books UK

Increased revenue by 1,029% year-on-year through Google Ads, Bing Ads & Google Shopping.


Increase in transactions


Increase in users


Reduction in average CPC

How we increased revenue by 1,029% while reducing cost per click by 38%

World of Books are the UK’s largest second hand book retailer, selling an inventory of over 3 million books to 190 countries worldwide each year.

Our Challenge

World of Books approached us in 2017 with huge growth aspirations and a complex challenge to launch, manage and scale their PPC spend for 3 brands.

Our challenge was to design, manage and scale a Paid Search strategy that returned an average ROI of 400% (or 19% of product revenue) across an ever-changing inventory of 3 million low cost products.

Seed have been with us since the very start of our Google Ads journey and have handled the challenge of a complex account by combining hard work, intelligence and a flexibility that is second to none.

David Kyle

Marketing Manager, World of Books.

Our Approach

We decided to focus on Google Shopping where we felt the majority of the client’s spend should be invested as cost-per-clicks were low, customer intent to buy was high, and we could run the entire product inventory through the Shopping feed.

Needless to say, running a PPC account on this scale, with such a dynamic inventory of products where prices, stock levels and product details could change up to 12 times per day was a huge challenge.

That’s why we segmented the feed into multiple price brackets, and used rule-based automation to help us manage our complex bidding strategies across such a large and dynamic inventory of products.

The Results

Since launching World of Books UK across both the Google and Bing Ad networks, we’ve seen huge results from our PPC management activity.

  • 1,029% increase in Paid Search revenue year-on-year.
  • 629% increase in overall website revenue.
  • 1,445% increase in transactions from Paid Search.
  • 2,122% increase in new users clicking through to the site.
  • Reduced cost per click by 38%.

Our diligent approach to audience targeting helped it exceed all industry and sector benchmarks for engagement, showing World of Books the real value of their Paid Search budget.

World of Books have since launched into 3 new countries; Australia, Ireland and most recently the US with Paid Search leading the way.

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