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AS3 Performance

+815 % increase in revenue for organic traffic, 400% increase in new users and 433% increase sessions to the website from organic traffic.

+ 815 % increase in revenue for organic traffic.

+ 400% increase in new users.

+ 433% sessions to the website from organic traffic.


Adopting a Holistic Marketing Strategy of SEO & PPC to achieve goals set for AS3.

AS3 Performance is one of the UK’s leading online retailers for aftermarket motorcycle parts and replacements. AS3 focuses on designing and producing motorcycle parts for a full range of models and makes, built from the highest quality materials for continued usability and durability. 

Seed has supported AS3 Performance on both SEO and PPC channels, focusing heavily on driving increased sales through the website. Work has centred around promoting individual products and categories within the site, whilst simultaneously developing and improving brand awareness and visibility through a complete marketing approach.

Using a digital strategy that combines SEO and PPC.

We developed a strategy for AS3 Performance that combined our SEO and PPC services to create a holistic digital marketing approach that would ultimately increase transactions and monthly revenue.

Working together, the SEO and PPC teams created an innovative and agile digital marketing strategy that has enabled AS3 Performance to launch products in new regions around the world, continuing to grow year-on-year.

Researching & building new PPC campaigns to launch the AS3 Performance brand, globally.

For PPC, we focused our efforts on building out a complete shopping campaign to include the thousands of products listed on the website. Over the three years we have worked together, our targeting has spread across the globe.

We now show ads not just in the UK but also in multiple countries within Europe and further afield such as the US and Australia. Continued growth, optimisation and monitoring of these campaigns have brought back excellent results, hitting over 1,400% ROAS in some regions. 

Through display and remarketing campaigns, Seed’s design team has worked closely with the client to create visual assets that not only bring the brand to life but also connect with online users, catching their eye and bringing them back to the website. Through continued optimising and redesign of assets, Seed has increased paid website traffic by over +314%.

Strategising and implementing technical SEO and content to dominate organic site visibility.

We worked to focus and streamline the AS3 site for maximum ranking potential, working towards an in-depth keyword strategy that not only sought to improve current rankings but gain new ones too.

As site visibility improved so did organic sessions on the website. We saw an increase of 400% in new users and 433% increase of sessions to the website from organic traffic. The AS3 Performance website now generates close to 20,000 sessions per month. 

Alongside strong keyword research and content production, Seed deep-dived into the technical SEO aspects of the AS3 site.

This included conducting multiple technical audits to ensure the website was running to best practices from a Search Engine perspective and ultimately, ran smoothly and efficiently for its users. Seed ensured that with every algorithm update AS3’s site continued to run to best practice, making certain that rankings and visibility did not drop. As a result of this strong and consistent SEO strategy, AS3 has seen an increase of +815% in organic revenue which continues to grow year-on-year.

Further increasing revenue with website migration & optimisation.

As AS3 Performance continued to expand it was decided that a new website was needed that was capable of handling this growth and reflect the up-to-date feel and brand. Seed worked alongside external developers to create a complete and seamless migration experience. 

Amongst URL redirects, product tagging and design input Seed used this time to re-optimise the whole site ready for re-launch which included over 10,500 website pages. Seed worked with the client to standardise product uploading to future-proof the expansion on AS3’s new website.

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