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+629% increase in revenue from PPC UK account year on year, scaled revenue for the Google AUS account & generated a 566% ROAS from Display Ads.

+ 629% increase in revenue from PPC UK account year on year.

Revenue increase of 3677% for the AUS account.

566% ROAS from Display Ads. 


How we increased brand awareness & boosted revenue for Rinkit.

Rinkit provides homeware, kitchen and gardenware products that transform a house into a home. Founded in 2008, Rinkit was first created as a bedroom operation in Horsham, and has since grown into a multi-million pound West Sussex based SME. 

In February 2020, Rinkit approached us with the challenge of their increasing market share by expanding into different regional markets using Pay-Per-Click advertising. Our challenge was to find the strategy in order to achieve this goal.

Since appointing Seed, our Paid Search channel is more profitable than ever. Seed is one of the most capable and energised agencies we have ever partnered with. Seed has redesigned, rebuilt and relaunched our Paid Search channel, moving it from an all too often loss or just breakeven position, to being highly profitable. If any client business is looking to employ an agency to manage their Paid Search channel, Seed should be your first port of call.

Padraig Timmins

Head of eCommerce

Tight restructuring and research formed the basis of our strategy for PPC.

We developed a strategy for Rinkit that incorporated all of the PPC campaigns to propel the Rinkit brand and increase monthly revenue. This included PPC work, conducted in four key areas; research (keyword, audience and competitor research), strategy and campaign planning, promotional support and design. The first area that we concentrated on was GB. 

The first stage of working effectively with Rinkit was auditing their existing Ads account. This included campaign structure, budgets, targeting, networks and much more. From here, we got a good overview of how the account was running initially and where we wanted to take it with the overall goals in mind. 

We had many meetings with Rinkit’s directors and their marketing manager to learn more about their brand, their target audience and upcoming targets for the next financial year. 

The research stage was critical, and would inform our strategy and campaign planning moving forward. 

Rinkit already had their Google Shopping pulling in via a CSS feed – which came to be our first roadblock.  

Our first challenge was to remove the CSS feed without causing a negative impact on PPC performance. We believe having 2 feeds running alongside each other would result in cannibalisation of bidding and prevent the ability to scale the account.

Strategy and Campaign Planning

We decided to restructure the shopping campaigns through segmenting by product category, this would preclude the products from jumping from campaign to campaign, giving each campaign the ability to consistently learn from its data. We further broke product groups down by product type, this meant we could manually adjust bids on specific lines of products depending on stock influx or seasonal ranges. 

The success of breaking the products down by category, lead us to trial multiple search campaigns with category focussed keywords and dynamic targeting (automated keyword crawling on landing pages) to help us find what works and what doesn’t, and scale the top performers. 

Using PPC to Further Boost Revenue

As an e-commerce business, Rinkit plans around key dates in the year to boost sales, and increase revenue for example: Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas. We worked with the marketing manager at Rinkit to analyse year-on-year data, identifying which holidays would be the most profitable for us to build PPC campaigns around to push further. 

Each year Rinkit has put on a website Summer Sale in a bid to clear seasonal stock that they will lose profit on over the Winter months. Some products that get put into the sale are high ticketed items such as Resol sun loungers and deck chairs. We saw this as a great opportunity to increase awareness of the sale for Rinkit, clear stock and build brand awareness.

To do this we used countdown ads and remarketing to increase urgency and encourage sales. Coupled with design assets from our in-house creative we put together.

Getting Creative with Design to Further Increase Revenue

As part of our strategy we introduced display ads and video ads to the account, in order to push our PPC campaigns further and increase brand awareness. Some of these can be seen below. 

We had internal sessions where we would brainstorm ad copy and design ideas to get really creative! This provided us with another opportunity to push their on-site promotions with fun visual creatives. 

Supporting Rinkit Through a Rebrand

In September 2020, Rinkit went through a rebrand of their website. This was released to us before it was rolled out and we were asked to provide feedback on messaging and brand colours.

We supported Rinkit in the rebrand processes by ensuring all search ad campaign copy was up to date with their new punny language and new brand colours. We also recreated any display ads that were in the old brand. All of this was inline with the brand being rolled out on the website.

Building Trust and Expanding our Services…

In May 2020, Rinkit was keen to  continue to grow even further and approached us to help them with the organic traffic on their GB website. 

This was a great opportunity to grow the business, and also a huge compliment for us at Seed. At Seed, we work with multiple businesses on both the SEO and PPC activities, working together to form a holistic marketing strategy – and this is exactly what we intended to do for Rinkit! 

The advantage we had here from the get go, is the previous knowledge we had of the brand and the account. This included keywords, audience and buying behaviours – as well as a great relationship with the client. 

We are now also working on Paid Social, SEO and PPC as part of a holistic marketing strategy for Rinkit.

The Results…

Since our work with Rinkit began in February 2020  we have seen rapid growth in their overall revenue. As an agency, we now manage SEO, Paid Social and PPC for Rinkit – in GB and AU. The sky’s the limit and we are always looking for opportunities to grow the account further and increase revenue for the business. 

In just 7 months we have expanded the account to 4 areas, GB, AUS, DE, FR IRE – all decisions led by data driven marketing. 

It has been a running joke between Rinkit and the team at Seed that we are continuously celebrating the ‘best day ever’ of revenue gained from PPC, one that we all looking forward to continuing to celebrate together!

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