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Social media advertising

Social Media Ads Agency in Brighton.

We’ve mastered the art of social media advertising to help your brand build an engaged, loyal audience.


We’ll help you perfect your paid social advertising

Advertising on social media isn’t easy. With new advertising channels come new challenges, so you’ll need a strategic approach – but if done right, you can build a highly engaged audience across all of your social media channels.

Our paid social experts know exactly how to utilise paid social to benefit your business.

Working with Seed has been an absolute pleasure. They took the time to understand our business and it felt like they were an extension of our own marketing department.

Tania Ross

Head of Marketing, Fleetway Travel

Facebook Ads

We target users by gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, occupation, education and more to get your brand in front of your audience.

Instagram Ads

Whether it's announcing a new product, driving app downloads or purchases, Instagram Ads are proven to reach and engage your audience.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn offers its own paid advertising platform and is a superb way to get B2B products/services in front of a highly targeted audience.


Your goals and objectives are of paramount importance. We’ll get to know your USPs, audience and competitors, before creating a solid social media advertising strategy.


Fundamentally designed with your end goals in mind, we’ll ensure the campaigns we create are shareable, and build customer awareness lead generation and sales.


Once a social campaign goes live, it doesn’t stop there. Social is an ever-changing world, so we continuously monitor all campaigns, and use that data to optimise your end result.

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