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Welcoming Asieh on the Paid Search Team

The newest Seedling!



Asieh Ghasemi

Paid Search Apprentice

About Me:

My name is Asieh (A’sea’ye’). I have realised that my name is not easy to pronounce for almost everyone :D. I joined Seed for the PPC analyst role about 6 weeks ago.

I’m originally from Iran/Tehran, came to the UK/London in 2017 and moved to Brighton in 2018 for my postgraduate degree at university of Sussex. Since then I am always between London and Brighton. 

Life Before Seed: 

As far as I remember, I was always studying! My bachelor degree is in Software Engineering and my masters in Entrepreneurship And Innovation/Business. I have had experience with working on start-ups and small companies while I was studying and after that. But Seed is the first office environment I’m experiencing. 

Took me a while to figure out which field to choose and pursue my career in but once I figured it out, I started learning, taking classes and applying for roles non-stop (and I mean that) until I found the one I love and in my case that was Seed, my best fit ever!

 Life With Seed:

I love working at Seed! I love my role, the environment and volleyball sessions 😀 All my colleagues are very nice, friendly and supportive. I am learning every day, enjoying every second of it and I have the best professional people to kindly guide me.

After this point, all I can think of is learning everything possible really! 

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