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Our SEO Strategy Service

You will usually find that the foundation of many successful marketing activities is a solid strategy. With digital marketing moving so quickly, it can become easy to fall behind the latest trends, industry updates, and new SEO tactics. 

A clear and concise SEO & content strategy can outline key tasks to help hit your business’s key objectives and goals.

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Working with Seed was fantastic. They’re knowledgeable and I had access to a team that I felt I could call whenever I needed to discuss my account, or to bounce ideas around. The team always came to me with fresh ideas and were extremely motivated to try new things in order to improve the account and drive business growth.

Bradley Steenkamp

Founder of Horsham Coffee Roaster

What is an SEO Strategy?

An SEO Strategy is the outline of  SEO work that needs to take place in order to improve search rankings. This can be anything from 3 month, 6 month or even 12 month plans. At Seed, we break our SEO Strategy down into 3 key stages; Research & Discovery, Strategy & Implementation.

A definitive SEO strategy forms the backbone of our work at Seed. Whether this is for PPC, Paid Social, or SEO – a strategy is imperative.

The Research Phase

The strategy that we form is driven by data. Here, we will look at industry trends, current keyword rankings, aspirational keyword rankings based on competitor analysis, and audience research. By deep-diving into the above, we can then consolidate a strategy that will achieve the SEO goals for the business.

Collaborating with all three services – the depth of knowledge and data expands. We can share PPC findings on best converting keywords and provide the PPC team with search volume information to inform potential new campaigns and landing pages.

Working with the client, we put together tangible and measurable goals. In doing so, we can have key KPI milestones to hit along the way to measure success!

In conclusion, the research phase of the work looks to audit the current SEO performance and help us to understand your brand in more detail. This phase could be considered the most important, as everything learnt here gives us the ‘why’ in our strategy.

The Strategy Phrase

Moving on from the ‘why’ brings us to the ‘what’. This covers the strategy phase of our SEO approach – where we can really get stuck in!

The strategy phase is a crucial element of the SEO service and consolidates our findings from our research phase into a tight deliverable 6-month strategy. Here, we determine what we would like to achieve based on the business’s targets set.

Our strategy incorporates all elements of SEO, including, but not limited to:

  1. Content
  2. SEO on-page recommendations
  3. Technical fixes
  4. Website improvements
  5. CRO / UX

Throughout the month, each team member will refer back to the strategy in guidance of upcoming tasks. At Seed, we build this strategy alongside the client. With our research findings and the client’s business input – the strategy is formed. We operate on full transparency, so the strategy is shared and regularly updated working with you. So, if you want to see our progress or make recommendations, you can at any point.

The Implementation Phase

The next phase is the implementation stage, which could be considered the ‘how’ of the strategy process. Once you are completely happy with the strategy, we can work towards the execution of the outlined tasks.

We learn along the way and adapt our strategy to suit.

Why Us?

Why Choose Seed for your SEO Strategy?

At Seed, we believe that the benefits of a strong SEO strategy can harbour great results. However, we also understand that a strategy should be fluid and change with the current trends and any business updates.

If you would like help with your current SEO Strategy , please drop us a line – or give us a call.

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